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“Sheikh Russel Digital Lab” is a flagship project of the Government of Bangladesh for meeting the demand of Digital Bangladesh aligned with SDG and for strengthening institutional capacity ensuring the quality of education by the highest use of ICT. 

Our Objectives:

  • To establish specialized computer labs in educational institutions of all the districts to speed up the expansion of computer education, quality education, job opportunity, employment skills and develop language competency.
  • To establish local cyber center by providing internet connectivity in the selected institutions.
  • To promote and inspire multimedia education in PSC, SSC & HSC level by providing state-of-the-art computer facilities.
  • To create IT enabled language learning facility to promote language dependent freelancing, outsourcing and inculcate other employable skill.
  • To build a large ICT skilled work-force and equip them with adequate skills so that they can access in global market for decent work. 

Results Achieved:

  • Transfer of technology and capacity building of educational institutions have been achieved by establishing 4176 well-equipped computer.
  • A greater awareness has been created for the best use of ICT through seminars ;
  • The project has speeded up the expansion of ICT in education ;
  • VASA GURU Software & Language Training labs have contributed to create decent job & employment generation in broad & abroad; 
  • Teachers are enabled to teach the students and ensured the quality of education ;

Impact Generated:

  • Students and teachers are more motivated and attentive in the class for using ICT facilities and achieving better result in SSC and HSC level ;
  • These infrastructural facilities ultimately have made the young people employable, which have contributed to poverty alleviation;
  • These labs have been created a greater sense of awareness of the vicinity of rural areas for the uses of ICT. 

All Educational Institution In Bangladesh vs All Sheikh Russel Digital Lab Established:

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