Sheikh Russel Digital Lab

Comments and Recommendation From Director General, Department of ICT

A. B. M. Arshad Hossain

Director General (Additional Secretary)

Department of Information and Communication Technology

Phone: +880 2 8181100



As a flagship project of the Digital Bangladesh agenda, Department of ICT under ICT Division has successfully implemented this project to extend ICT education all over the country for building up skilled manpower, knowledge-based ICT eco-system. In my consideration, this project has achieved the targets of Digital Bangladesh for promoting ICT education in Primary, secondary & higher secondary level in Bangladesh as per design of the project. The Scope of the project have been fulfilled with tireless efforts of the Project Implementation Unit. These established labs have been created a greater sense of awareness of the vicinity of rural areas for the uses of ICT. There have also been so many socio-economic benefits such as unemployed youths can get training through these labs. The project has sought to light up the young minds with essential ICT skills in remote parts of the country. The physical progress of the project’s scopes is 100% and financial progress of the project is 98.19%. As we can consider that these labs are working as a stepping stone for reaching our goals as ‘Digital Bangladesh.  It is highly recommended that the rest of all educational institutions of Bangladesh may have well-furnished computer lab with high speed broadband internet connection, ICT enabled eco-system and shared-maintenance support for the equipment for ensuring quality education for all. 


  As Director General of Department of ICT and Head of Procuring Entity of the project, I am optimistic that the benefits of the project will be reached at the marginalized section of the society and more students will get the opportunity to use these labs day by day. These labs will play a catalytic impact to confront the changes of frontier technology like AI, Robotics, IoT etc. Considering its huge potentiality and opportunity, the Government of Bangladesh can setup more labs branding name as ‘Sheikh Russel Digital Lab’ all over the country.